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Ratio iDive Deep

Ratio iDive Deep

Ratio iDive Deep

Ratio iDive Deep

Ratio iDive Deep

Ratio iDive Deep

Ratio iDive Deep

Ratio iDive Deep

  • Ratio iDive Deep
  • Ratio iDive Deep
  • Ratio iDive Deep
  • Ratio iDive Deep
  • Ratio iDive Deep
  • Ratio iDive Deep
  • Ratio iDive Deep
  • Ratio iDive Deep
  • Ratio iDive Deep
  • Ratio iDive Deep

Ratio iDive Deep

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Description Ratio iDive Deep

New iDive Deep Avantgarde:
- For the skilled divers only.
- Are you?

Dive Modes:
- Air, Nitrox, Trimix normoxic, Freediving, Gauge AVG.

- 3

- Buhlmann ZHL-16 B

- Stainless Steel

Top Glass:
- Sapphire

Display Resolution:
- 80x80 pixel

Max Depth:
- 220 mt
- 721 ft

Scratch-resistant Sapphire glass:
- Next to diamond, sapphire is the hardest transparent material on earth.
- Almost indestructible and scratch-resistant, the top glass of the iDive is virtually more resistant than the stainless steel case that house it.
- The Sapphire has a 9/10 hardness factor on the Mohs scale (the diamond has 10/10) and you would not be able to scratch it either with a knife.
- Indeed the Sapphire glass is commonly used on top-range watches like Rolex® or Omega®.

316L Stainless Steel Case:
- Indestructible and practically eternal.
- Precision-machined into its final form and polished for many hours to produce the desired finish.
- Just 15 mm of thickness but able to stand up to 220 mt
- This is Stainless Steel not plastic

Real Time Algorithms:
- Maximum of flexibility, reliability and performance.
- The iDive series integrates the real and complete Algorithm to calculate your current tissue saturation and afterwards decompression profile in real time.
- This allows to obtain reliable and very safe decompression profiles.
- Most dive computers algorithms make interpolation of stored data to calculate decompression profiles of the dive profile made by the diver. A cheap way to do it, but you have to adapt your dive to the profiles stored in the dive computer.
- The iDive is neither more nor less conservative in comparison with the other computers. It is just 'right'.

Repetitive dives management:
- More dives a day in more days: no problem at all.
- Featuring the Real time Algorithms the iDive calculates your real tissue saturation status and calculates your repetitive dive profile according to your previous dives.
- This means that your profile is always optimized, even after more days of repetitive dives.
- Vacation Day 1: Dive 1 at 10:30 AM; Dive 2 at 03:15 PM
- Vacation Day 2: Dive 1 at 11:15 AM; Dive 2 at 04:30 PM
- Vacation Day 3: Dive 1 at 9:30 AM; Dive 2 at 03:15 PM; Dive 3 at 8:00 PM
- Vacation Day 4: Dive 1 at 10:30 AM; Dive 2 at 03:15 PM
- Vacation Day 5: No-Fly break
- Vacation Day 6: Fly back to home

User settable Deep Stop and Safety Stop:
- Choose if you want the iDive to use the Deep Stops or not and choose the depth you prefer to perform the Safety Stop.
- Flexible and customizable.

Gauge AVG:
- Resettable Average Depth and Timer.
- One Button to reset the Average Depth,
- One Button to reset the Timer,
- One Button for the Compass.

Big and Bright Data
- You will read it just fine.

Size does matter:
- The dive data on the iDive are from 15% to 30% bigger than the one of all the others watch-dive computers.
- The display is a 80x80 pixel 100% matrix.

Bright, Brighter, Brightest!:
- Set the backlight and the contrast of the display as you prefer, the iDive has a long life USB rechargeable battery, use it as much as you want without the noise to change the battery.

Advanced management of the backlight:
- Even the backlight management is specal in the iDive: totally automatic, totally manual or always on during the dive. You have just to choose!

Long life USB Rechargeable Battery:
- Has your smartphone disposable batteries?

The watch dive computer with the Worlds longest autonomy:
- Up to 25 hours: as a dive computer.
- Up to 2 months: as a watch.
- Up to 6 months: Total Sleep mode.

Sleep mode: The iDive can sleep as you do:
- If the iDive stays still for 5 minutes automatically turns off the display, reducing the battery draining up to 80%.
- As soon as the iDives sensor feels a movement the display will be turned on in 0,8 seconds.
- The iDive can reach 2 month of autonomy in normal use.
- Amazing, right?

USB Recharge:
- One cable to rule them all.
- You can use any USB port to recharge the iDive, even the wall charger of your smartphone or tablet.

Why a rechargeable battery is better:
- You have not to change the battery almost every year.
- No risk of wear, humidity or seepage owing to the battery change. (have you ever noticed that after the first replacement, the battery change becomes more frequent?)
- You can use all computer functions without worrying about battery exhaust. (Backlight, Compass, Apps ...)
- You can recharge the iDive wherever a USB port is.
- (Have you ever tried to change batteries at the Maldives or during a cruise?)

A true Watch.
- Elegant and sportive.
- Style does matter.
- Show your nature of scuba diver, in every moment of the day.

Apps for iDive.
- Has everything inside, and something more.
- Weather forecast.
- No one can control the weather, but we can forecast it.

3D Compass self-compensating:
- Extremely accurate and 1° of resolution and +/- 1° of accuracy.
- It always point to North even if it is not perfectly in horizontal position, because of its integrated accelerometer.

- Are you looking for something big and made of iron?
- The iDive can sense the magnetic field of the earth and its variations caused by ferromagnetic materials.
- Can you imagine how you can use the magnetometer?

With automatic altitude compensation for altitude diving.

- Celsius or Fahrenheit.

- For the barometric pressure.

- The iDive accelerometer indicates your grade, on both vertical and horizontal axis.

Moon phases:
- New, Waxing, Waning, Full.
- Full, Waning, Waxing, New.

- Pronti, attenti, Via!
- Ready, Steady, Go!
- Visualise partial times as well as the lap time.

Fitness (pedometer):
- Beyond the scuba diving.
- Steps, mileage, speed and burned calories
- Stettable according to your body and your running style.

Oxygen analyser:
- The Worlds first watch computer with Oxygen Analyser Integration.
- Simply plug the accessory to your iDive and transform it in a professional Gas Mix Analyser with a real time completely automatic Gas analysis.
- Using its sensors the iDive will check the correct calibration and the atmospheric conditions to make a perfect analysis of the Oxygen % inside the tank.
- Atmospheric Pressure Validation [Automatic]
- Sensor Status Validation [Automatic]
- Battery Status Validation[Automatic]
- Sensor Calibration [Automatic]
- Sensor Calibration Validation [Automatic]

Sensor: Electrochemical:
- (vandagraph R-22VAN or Analytical Industries PSR-11-39-MD)
- Range: 0.1-100%
- Resolution: 0.1%
- Accuracy: +/-1%
- The Gas Mix Analyser is sold separately.

The iDive has a true O.S. inside:
- The updates are free, the new applications are free and the PC or Mac interface is always included.
- The USB cable you use to rechearge the iDive is the same you use to connect to the PC or Mac.
- The DiveLogger can be downloaded for free and there are no hidden cost at all.
- DiveLogger for Windows:Windows Xp, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows 10.
- DiveLogger for Mac (OSX):OSX 10.6 or above.

Ratio iDive Deep é o produto ideal para atingir os seus objetivos de mergulho. Complete o seu pedido com outros produtos de Computadores relacionados e desfrute como nunca antes da sua vida. Alguns dos nossos produtos Instrumentos e computadores têm uma promoção especial. Encontre-os na scubastore! Nós oferecemos uma grande escolha da Ratio, uma marca reconhecida pelos seus materiais de alta qualidade que nunca desiludem.

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