GREEN FORCE Flexi III Battery Pack + Header Hid 75 Focus

GREEN FORCE Flexi III Battery Pack + Header Hid 75 Focus

GREEN FORCE Flexi III Battery Pack + Header Hid 75 Focus

GREEN FORCE Flexi III Battery Pack + Header Hid 75 Focus

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GREEN FORCE Flexi III Battery Pack + Header Hid 75 Focus

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GREEN FORCE Flexi III Battery Pack + Header Hid 75 Focus



Green Force HID 75 Focusable:

Housing & Use

The casings of Green Force® lightheads are made of sea water-resistant aluminium. They have been treated with three processes to produce a hard, corrosion-resistant surface. To switch on the light, the lighthead has to be screwed down to the battery pack or cable. To switch off the light, it-ll do to unscrew the lighthead half a turn.

High Intensity Discharge (HID).

High Intensity Discharge lights are highly efficient and generate a high output with arelatively small bulb. These HID lights generate their light by means of a discharge, which is obtained by sending an electric current through a gas.

An HID light uses less power than a traditional halogen light with an equivalent output, which ensures a longer burn time.

The standard front lenses of the HID light heads can be replaced with video lenses. These video lenses are equipped with frosted glass which enables an optimal diffusion.

HID 75 F

The HID 75 F is a very compact and powerful -High Intensity Discharge- (HID) light head with a 6.900 Kelvin color temperature and a 1.000 Lumen output.

It produces a light that matches daylight and offers a true reproduction of natural colors.

The HID 75 F has an adjustable beam (9 to 28°).

Technical Data:

Type: HID 12V 17W/1.000L

Dimensions: ø = 55mm L = 145mm

Specs.: 6.900 Kelvin - 9° to 28° angle

Green Force Flexi III - Umbilical:


The casings of the Green Force® Arrows are made of sea water-resistant aluminium. It has been treated with three processes to produce a hard, corrosion-resistant surface.

The casings of the Flexis are made of heatproof polyacetal.

Green Force® has always been using Nickel-Metal Hydride battery technologie as they were convinced from the start that NiMh batteries offer a higher apacity (up to 50% more than lead acid technologie and 45% more than Nickel-Cadmium (NiCd) battery technology), are environmentally green (NiMh batteries contain no cadmium, mercury, lead or lithium) and don-t have any memory effect (NiMh batteries can be partially charged and discharged at will without shortening the life span of the batteries).

Therefore, Green Force® battery packs are only a fraction of the size of other battery packs with a similar capacity but different battery

The Green Force® Flexi-s owe their name to their enormous flexibility. When equipped with a handle, they can be used as handheld torches. In no time they can also be transformed into cable torches. There are several ways to mount Flexi-s to a dive tank.

Green Force® provides sleeves and clamps which can be fit to the dive tank by means of a belt. When fit with a cable, Flexi-s become compact and powerful cable torches which offer an enormous freedom of movement because one only holds the light head and not the whole battery pack.The casings of the Green Force® Flexi-s are made of heatproof polyacetal (delrin). They are all equipped with an overpressure valve and they obtain their watertightness by using durable NBR O-rings.

The Flexi-s are equipped with the TOS® system. This assembly system does not only guarantee a perfect watertightness, it also allows a swift and effective use of the system. They can by charged at any time with a fast charger.

Technical Data:

Battery: NiMh 20 cells 12V 9Ah

Dimensions: ø = 65mm L = 380mm

Charging: 15 min - 648 min

Max Depth 200 m


Code-barres EAN:
Dimensions du produit emballé:
15cm x 20cm x 30cm
Poids du produit emballé:
2.00 Kg.

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