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Cressi Superocchio

Distributeur Officiel Cressi

Garantie totale de la marque

Silicone Noire
En stock

45.61 US$

Caractéristiques de Cressi Superocchio

Cressi Superocchio:

C’est un grand classique dans la production des masques Cressi.
Il continue à avoir la faveur des passionnés, même si il est désormais fabriqué depuis de nombreuses années.
C’est un masque de petites dimensions, avec un minimum de volume interne.
C’est l’idéal pour l’apnée profonde.
La jupe possède des dimensions réduites et s’adapte facilement à de nombreux types de visages.
Les deux verres séparés, implantés très près des yeux, offrent une bonne visibilité dans toutes les directions.

À propos de la marque Cressi

La société Cressi spécialisée dans la plongée sous-marine est l-entreprise la plus ancienne du secteur : ses origines officielles remontent à 1946. Ainsi, l-histoire même de la plongée sous-marine s-identifie à celle de la maison Cressi. La marque a développé une série d-inventions qui ont été ensuite suivies par l-ensemble des constructeurs.

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Évaluation du produit 5 / 5

32 commentaire(s)


Great mask. great price

I paid over for mine at a local dive shop! Great fit, easily cleared and no leaks. A bargain.

Uk freediver/spearfisherman/underwater hockey player

Top notch

This is probably the best all round mask ever made - nothing to fault it on at all - tough as well


Cressi, superocchio

The best fitting mask for small faces I've ever found. Great price at this web store...Searched the US after trying this mask on a trip to Jamaica and could not find it anywhere. Thanks!


Cressi-sub superocchio

Bought this mask to try as my Mares Target is a bit leaky. Fit is, of course, a personal thing. However, I was delighted to find that the Cressi doesn't leak at all. Also, the field of view seems a little better than the Target. Finish doesn't seem to be quite to the standard of the Mares, but in the water I find the Cressi to be a much better mask.

Grotto - norway

Cressi superocchio

This mask was to small for my face, cant use it. I considder my face quite normal. My twelve year old son tried it on-fits great...


It's my favorite

After trying more than a dozen masks, I can't find one I like more than this one. It's one tough monkey and has a very solid fit. It is also the only mask I've ever owned that had NO fogging problems right out of the box. I could see where some folks with large faces might have a problem. I'd recommend that they try the Falco or Sphera.

Tommy thompson


This mask rocks. Minimal volume for freediving supremacy. If you want to freedive like a man and wrestle man sized lobsters this is the one for you. Never fogs up and Never leaks. Buy it in black and look hardcore.

Great mask!

the worlds gratest mask ever!!

Martin holland

Small faces?

Looking at the remark of Grotto Norway the following question. Do all others have faces of twelf year olds, ore don't they agree with Grotto?


Cressi superocchio

A very good mask. My beginners freediving mask and Scuba backup. Easy to clear, great fit, if a little 'small' on my face. The feeling subsides after a minute, you hardly realise you're wearing it.

Normal faces

Super occhio choose those who use.

In order to make low volume, the skirt of this type is very small compared with a common product. If you do not fit the skirt (width:11cm) of this mask, the distance of eyeballs and glasses becomes somewhat far, therefore it will stop being "Super occhio (Excellent view)" for you. And it will not become lowest volume. I was not chosen from this mask, but my wife is fitted and she gained the large field of view. Very good product for her. A true matter is "the surrounding width of eyes" and is not " the size of a face or a nose". I'm glad if it becomes helpful.

Normal faces

Additional comment of "the width of skirt"

Conventional adult's mask: 12-13 cm, Conventional junior mask:11-12cm, Superocchio:11cm. It is the very good product equipped with the tempered glasses. However, please check your true size with "the mask for children" irrespective of "age"... I agree with Mr. Grotto.


Excellent mask

If your an adult with a medium to small face (width) this is an excellent fitting mask. The fit of the mask is superior to most offers, the quality of the silicone seal and glass top notch. The frame itself feels a little flimsy but I don't think it takes away from the overall quality of the mask itself. I like a framless mask best but they are the hardest to fit, and my current one requires myself to clean shaven the morning of the dive for the seal to fit well. This mask fit well and had a no leak fit with two days of facial hair. Not bad, I give the mask 4.5 stars.

William a nodal

Cressi minima

quisiera saber porque la mascara minima de la cressi que acabo de comprar no tiene marcado el vidrio con la "t" de temperado


Minima cressi sub

a un buen pescador no le hace falta la "t", felices vacaciones

Aleksander gorski

Thanks to scubastore

Dive Inn - Scubastore does excellent service. Every order is executed with particullar care. Special Thanks to Doris Gartenmann Betz for extraordinary dedication and help with processing my order.

Rory west

Cressi superocchio mask

This is a wonderful mask. i have tried many other masks and this is by far the most comfortable mask i have ever tried, and low volume as well. Also, i have a wider then average face and it still fits me wonderfully, no leaks or discomfort at all. So if you were considering this mask but were hesitant because it seems like it is made for small faces only, give it a second thought!

Normal faces

The reviews of these many are not contradictory at all.

It is not a problem, even if a face is large or small, as I stated repeatedly. In the case of a suitable face to "the width of a skirt"(11cm), this mask will be useful as a product of 5 stars. In these reviews, nobody has said that it is made for small face... Read carefully, please.


Cressi superocchio



is it available with -5.50 right and left optical ?thx.



I bought one a few years ago and quickly appreciated its great design, visibility, very low volume. Nevertheless, it seemed poorly constructed in that there is a sloppy glueing and rough, silicone job. After a few months of use, it leaked. Also the nose is pretty narrow and short. I lost the mask and bought an Abyss by Omer, and I find the Omer mask superior in workmanship and equal in design, and it fits a greater variety of faces.

Super occhio

Well I have a big face and it does fit me very well. However I cannot say that it is very robust. The fittings of the mask strap ("the clamps") are not part of the frame, they are only tight-fitted to it, so it can come loose. What one should start with is to superglue it togehter. Also there is a centerpiece between the eyes on the top of the frame that is fragile. While they do break I think it belongs to the group "best shit there is" but one should be aware of its drawbacks. It should be added that I/we use it for UW-rugby.



I played underwaterrugby for several years with this mask in the swedish elite series. Very good mask.


Super occio

The best mask to play underwater rugby, There is no other like this that fit so well in the face. For the guy saying that his 12 years old son is wearing it, man you have a huge face.


Color del marco

Se que esta mascara tambien las hay con marco amarillo y azul. quisiera saber si ustedes la tienen.

Andre reis


Best mask I ever use. Fits well, confortable, firm on face.


La mejor mascara

yo tengo esta mascara solo que en color azul y la verdad es exelente para la apnea y la pesaca campo de vision es exelente y es muy las recomiendo



Se llena enseguida la parte de la nariz de agua.


Underwater rugby

Underwater rugby? Im surprised you brits or aussies even bother using equipment. I wouldnt be surprised if I heard you played rugby with a live grenade. Or a live cobra. Or while naked, after jumping out of a plane over a volcano. An erupting volcano. you get my drift. nuts. Anyway, the effin mask is too small for me, so Im making the 15 year old wear it. And not to play underwater rugby. Something safe like nitrox wreck diving.



Best mask i ever had, fits grea,t i have much confidence in it, afterall it is my eyes deep under :)



Best mask i ever had, fits grea,t i have much confidence in it, afterall it is my eyes deep under :)

Jon wishnuff

great make for large nose bridge

Ive had my mask for 30 years. The strap finally broke and I replaced the strap. Before this mask,I had trouble with the bridge of my nose hurting due to pressure. This mask has a slot for my nose and Ive never had any trouble with it. Ive tried on other makes at shops and it is very difficult to get a mask that fits the nose like this mask. Ive always enjoyed it.

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